Window Repair and Replacement

Are you considering window repair or window replacement?  Did you know that you don’t have to replace the entire window and frame to repair a window with foggy or condensation problems?

“When windows can be saved, they should be!”
And, it’s Eco-Friendly!

Our window restoration process works on both residential and commercial buildings, helping home owners and businesses reduce replacement costs while restoring beauty and R-value.

The foggy or condensation window problem is due to the inability of the window’s desiccant material to absorb the moisture that naturally builds between thermal pane windows. Solve your foggy window condensation problems at a fraction of the cost of other window repair methods.

Our process replaces the failed thermal pane windows and restores the much needed R-value.   Orangevale Glass offers you a cost-effective solution to the frustrating and annoying foggy window or condensation problems in your home and office, and restoring maximum energy efficiency.

Why spend money on window replacement when Orangevale Glass offers you a window restoration solution at a fraction of the cost? Our window repair technology makes this saving possible. Whether you have a window condensation moisture problem or just foggy windows, we can solve your thermal window problem (double or triple pane).

Bottom line, we save you money while eliminating your foggy window condensation problems and in the process help you save on energy costs by restoring R-Value.

Call us for a complimentary whole house window inspection to help you evaluate your needs and most cost-effective option.

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