Why do dual pane window seals fail?

Dual pane windows will fail according to location on the house. Usually the windows on the sunny side or the weather side of the house are going to fail before the windows on the other sides of the home. It’s usually caused by a combination of sun and water, and the breakdown of the seal and moisture getting into the pane.

Why not replace just the glass and not the entire window?
Well you could always replace the glass with what’s there if it should happen to be clear glass that’s available. But there are now glasses that are high performance glass. There’s low-E or RLE 55s, depending on how much sun you want to block out. Dual pane glass is available in clear. There are other options. You can go to a coated glass or you can go to a tinted glass. This one here, for instance, is a gray tinted glass. It’s a little darker. Low-E glass, on the other hand, is a… Though it is a coated glass and not a tinted glass, it will block out certain ultraviolet light and infrared, but gives… Doesn’t have a noticeable tint to it. So that’s something that would probably work and they actually work better than the gray tint here.

We could do an obscure piece of glass for a bathroom. Something like this would help with some privacy in the bathroom. That can be taken care of. There’s a multitude of different patterns of this. We have… We have at least 40 different types of patterns that could be used. And there’s glass that can be… Meets safety codes and we can take care of that. It can be available in most of these types of glass that I just showed you. So you have moisture in your windows, you’d like to be able to see out your windows again, call Orangevale Glass. We’d be happy to help you.

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