What are common reasons my windows or sliding doors are not opening freely?

Patio doors and windows have rollers that will with time seize up and will stop working well. The bearings will breakdown and need to be replaced. Most of those window and sliding door replacement parts are available to us at Orangevale Glass. If we don’t the window replacement parts here, we can order them for you. We can change out the window replacement parts and make sure to complete the window repair so they’re working correctly. Windows that slide up and down have what they call a sash balance on the sides that’s actually a spring loaded unit that allows you to lift the window without much effort. These springs also hold the window securely in place. When the window springs go bad, those can be replaced also. It’s just a matter of determining what kind of windows you have and ordering the right part to complete the window repair.

So if your windows or sliding doors are not working properly, call Orangevale Glass, we’d be happy to help you.

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